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What is part of this Yatra?

Sai Datta Peetham (SDP) is organizing a “Paduka seva Yatra event”. As a part of this seva, padukas shall be brought to devotee′s home, thus giving them an opportunity to do puja & worship Baba′s padukas at their respective homes. Main goal of this project is to bring people together for a common cause of service and also bringing devotees one step closer to Baba,as the saying goes, “Service is Baba and Baba means Service”.

Why are we doing this Yatra?

Sai Datta Peetham (SDP) is organizing a grand project called Shirdi in America. The objective of this project is to construct a temple in USA similar to Shirdi in India. Phase-I of this project, called Sthala Seva, is process of acquiring 23 acres of land. SDP envisions the process of acquiring this site as a community process and wishes to involve atleast 100,000 devotees to be able to contribute towards the land. Hence, through this Paduka seva Yatra, the SDP is meeting devotees across USA. Through this seva Yatra, the Shirdi in America message is spread and opportunity is extended to many devotees to participate.

Responsibility of Co-ordinators

For an effective execution of Paduka seva Yatra, we request devotees to take up the responsibility of organizing such events in your locations and help in spreading the message to one and all. Every tiny effort towards this project is a blessing.

Coordinator responsibilities can include event planning &organizing, directing other volunteers and executing Sthala Seva campaign in your locality. Same people can also help locally to spread this initiative and interacting directly with local community organizations as well as involving prominent influential personalities. The coordinator would also check in with each venue, where the Paduka seva event is planned to take place, to ensure that the venue is ready. Co-ordinators may also conduct meetings with the targeted audience.

Responsibility of Devotees

Devotees are those who request Paduka seva to be conducted at their respective residents/community centers. Devotees are requested to co-ordinate with their local event co-ordinators and to invite as many people as they want to, so that we can be sure that many people get a chance to worship and experience Baba padukas in their places. Devotees are requested to be ready with puja items like flowers, annadhanam, garlands, fruits in order to welcome Baba to their places. Baba Paduka seva is a great blessing and we encourage all devotees to experience the same and receive Baba blessings for all their generations and kith and kin.