Charity at Sai Datta Peetham

Sai Datta Peetham was founded based on Shri Sai Baba’s preaching. One of the important objectives of the Peetham is to spread his message & teachings on charity. And, we do so by implementing these preaching ourselves at Peetham – When you want to preach a message, become the message. Charity begins at Home. As Baba said – ‘the giver gives, but really he is sowing the seed for later: the gift of a rich harvest’.

Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi’s principles has been collated in a book called “Shri Sai Satcharitra”. Based on these principles, Peetham focusses its charity mission to feed the hungry and to help the needy. Baba preached – ‘Spend money in charity and be generous and munificent’.


 Nithya Annadhanam

Free food is available plenty at Peetham every day. No one goes who visits Peetham shall leave hungry or with empty stomach. As Baba preached – ‘If you are wealthy, be humble. Plants bend when they bear fruit’.


 Sandwich Seva

Baba said “Give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and clothes to the naked. Then God will be pleased”. Peetham offers food to the homeless every Sunday. From day one, SDP started contributing sandwiches, snack bars boxes of fruits during weekends to the residents of homeless shelters in and around the area.


 Back to School

Baba said – ‘Wealth is really a means to work out dharma. If one uses it merely for personal enjoyment, it is vainly spent’. Peetham has donated and encouraged devotees to contribute towards school supplies to the needy but studious children of our community.

Donating the school supplies to the children is a gesture of our mission to serve the South Plainfield Community. After all, we are a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a message to the world. The Peetham’s mission is to follow Sai Baba’s words and put them into action to help our community. Peetham donated back to school supplies to some needy children with the help of South Plainfield councilman Derryck White and School Board Representative Ms. Debbie Boyle. Under the spiritual guidance of Mr. Raghu Sankarmanchi, the Sai Datta Peetham is hoping to get involved with many more charitable events.

The founder of the Peetham, Mr. Raghu Sankarmanchi, is a visionary who sees helping the community in any way as the best way to serve Shri Sai Baba.


 Peetham Food Drive

Currently the SDP is conducting a “Food Drive” (October 3rd through Thursday Nov 20th). Peetham has taken up this initiative to donate canned food and boxed items to a facility in South Plainfield, where they will be distributed to the needy families. Anyone interested can participate by donating any unexpired food item to Peetham and the same will be distributed to these needy people. Interested people can also join us to those facilities.


Peetham during natural calamities

Cyclone Hud hud had been a huge test to the people of Andhra Pradesh, especially the city & suburbs of Vishakpatnam. Peetham always wants to contribute to the society, especially at junctures where there are necessities & scarcities, because any aid raises the needy and gives him the confidence and belief to self-sustain.

Peetham has conducted GoDhaanam - Donating cows to some dairy farmers who can use the cows as their Kamadhenu to spring back their lives with a daily business.